Rational Nonsense is a comic blog featuring illustrated stories from Lyssa Macdonell’s life, broken up with one-off gag comics because story comics take forever to draw.  Names have been changed to protect people’s privacy.


  • The story comics exist because I can’t freely talk about “Family Stuff” offline.  They’re a means for me to say whatever I want about my childhood and family, work out my feelings, and ultimately heal.  They aren’t intended to hurt anybody.
  • Gwen started getting help right around the time I started putting this webcomic together.  She’s much, much better than she was when we were kids and I generally enjoy being around her now.  But that’s a fairly new thing.  She was genuinely awful to me up until very recently, and I still have a lot of negative feelings about her past behavior that I need to work out.  So instead of lashing out at her, or burying those feelings and letting them fester, I will continue to do comics about Gwen so I can work out those feelings and let go.
  • A good general rule of thumb when dealing with my family: Don’t try to understand them, or the things they do.  It’s a waste of time.  They don’t make sense.