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Rational Nonsense is a webcomic about two families whose children almost match up in age, and the general absurdities of everyday life.  A large portion of the comic is inspired from things that have happened to Alyssa.

Rational Nonsense updates once a week on Mondays, and hopefully more frequently as time goes on.  The strip is mostly appropriate for all ages.  (Strong language is pretty much the worst you’ll see here.)



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Alyssa Martin does both the writing and art of Rational Nonsense.  She was the cartoonist for two of her high school’s student newspapers, and drew a single panel strip called CORE: Comics Only Read Entelligently for the University of Chicago’s Chicago Maroon.  Alyssa currently cartoons for Kenilworth Life Magazine, where Rational Nonsense is published once a month along with CORE-esque single panel gags.