One evening, I was in charge of putting the dogs to bed for the night.  I finished up, shut the door, and noticed my brother going through some old dress up clothes my mom had left on the ping pong table.  He held up one of the mink pelts our great grandmother had left Mom when she died.

“Hey Lyssa, remember these?” he asked.

“Oh my God, I haven’t seen those in forever!” I said.  Mom was against wearing fur, but felt they were too nice to throw out.  So she let us play with them.

“They were so fun!  I loved using the clips in their mouths to make them talk.”

“Me too!  They were like stuffed animals, but better because they were real.  I’d make them fight with their claws.  The one missing its glass eyes was blind,” Shawn nodded.

We quietly returned the minks to their plastic bag and went upstairs.