I have more of a concrete plan for what I’m going to do with the comic now.  So enjoy an old strip I did for a magazine a few years ago that I don’t think ever got published.  This is almost the style I used when I first started cartooning, for my high school newspaper.  The art’s better (I hope, at least) and the grays are darker here.  (Because when you print on newsprint paper, all your shading looks way darker.  Anything more than 50% gray looks black.  So you use a lot of 10% grey or even 5%.)  But the box dimensions and single-panel gag are very back to the basics.  Which I kind of like.  I am way more comfortable writing gags for that kind of space than your regular four panel style comic.  And I’m really, really bad at coloring strips.

So I’m thinking I’m going to stick to this kind of box for cartooning, and continue with the black and white style strips while I kind of re-adjust to drawing since I haven’t done that in a while.  Once I’m at a place where I’m comfortable drawing again, we’ll see about doing more complex comics, and maybe some family stuff.

Anyway, the point of doing this was to show I’m not dead, and I actually have something of a plan for going forward.  Also, I wanted to see how my style of shading looks with the new website design.  (As of right now, I think it looks a little too flashy for some reason.  I’ll have to work on that.)